10 Free Presets for Adobe Lightroom

10 Free Presets for Adobe Lightroom

Jackie Acosta
2 minute read

I'm excited to share these 10 free presets for Adobe Lightroom with you! 

While my first love of editing programs is Photoshop, I have really learned to love Lightroom over the years.

When I first opened it, it felt like one of the biggest & confusing programs ever (next to photoshop) and felt a bit overwhelming. 

Now? I am finding it:

  • saves me time when editing a large amount of images
  • has a lot of tools in it to make images beautiful
  • helps me organize my sessions a bit more
  • has a instant preview box that shows the results of presets

I have spent the last few months putting together a resource to help those who might feel intimidated or simply want to start editing without having to rely on presets. 

lightroom presets

Easy Editing in Lightroom

I am a huge fan of presets (which is why I have included some free presets for you to try out) because they do save time with editing; however, having the knowledge behind the steps will take your images up to the next level. 

This is why I put together multiple, short editing video tutorials together to simplify the editing process all while giving you the tools to develop your own personal editing style. 

You can check out Editing in Lightroom here to get your learning on!

free lightroom presets

Editing in Lightroom

Editing in Lightroom


Whether you are just starting out with Lightroom or wanting to learn more about the actual steps behind using presets, Editing in Lightroom simplifies the editing process all while equipping you to create beautiful portraits.  Level from Beginner to Intermediate… Read More

Lightroom Presets

I put together this fun set of Dreamy presets that are compatible with both the newer versions of Lightroom Classic (Creative Cloud) and Lightroom 6 (and up). 
10 Free Presets for Adobe Lightroom

To download your 10 Free Presets, just CLICK HERE



Are you needing help with installing Lightroom Presets?

Just view below if you need help installing your presets into Lightroom. 

Presets for Lightroom Mobile

Do you only have the mobile version of Lightroom CC? Check out the Lightroom Mobile Presets

LR Mobile Color Punch Presets

LR Mobile Color Punch Presets


*NEW* A Creative Punch of Color If you are looking for a set of presets that give a boho, earthy vibe, this set is for you! The Color Punch Collection contains 15 color presets to take your images to the next level.  The best… Read More

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