2 Tips to Add a Sky in Photoshop

2 Tips to Add a Sky in Photoshop

Jackie Acosta
3 minute read

Editing doesn't have to be overwhelming at all. Especially when you are wanting to take your images to the next level creatively. Here are 2 tips to add a sky in photoshop that are sure to help you with editing.

First Method

Technology is always moving, so you may have noticed the latest feature in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud, the Sky Replacement Tool.

This tool automates the process of adding a sky a little bit more than dragging a sky onto an image.

I have created a video below on how to best use this new feature along with how it compares with adding the sky by hand. 

The Simple Steps to the Sky Replacement Feature 
  • Be sure you have the updated Photoshop (version 2021)
  • Open Photoshop and the image you would like to add a sky to
  • Go to your Menu and Edit
  • Scroll down the drop down menu of Edit and select Sky Replacement
  • Select the sky and Photoshop will automatically add it in. 
  • Adjust to desired effect and you are ready to go!


Big Sky Sunset Collection

Big Sky Sunset Collection


Big Sky Sunsets After many travels, I have to say that Montana skies are incredibly epic and have inspired this unique collection. The Big Sky brought about incredible sunsets, each unique with the cloud formation and sun rays. Add depth… Read More

Second Method

If you have an older version of Adobe Photoshop (a CS version) or Adobe Photoshop Elements, here is a quick and easy tutorial to show you how you can add skies to your images. 

  • Open the image that you are adding the sky to in Adobe Photoshop
  • Go to your menu and select File -> Place Image (or "Place Embedded") 
  • Select the sky overlay you will be adding to your image (where you saved it to your computer)
  • Adjust the sky to the image
  • Go to Layers and select the Blend Mode "Multiply"
  • Mask the Sky overlay layer
  • Paint off/Mask off areas of sky at low opacity to blend in to image
  • Add desired amount of Gaussian blur to sky overlay layer (make sure image is selected on the layer and not the mask button) 
  • Merge layers and done!


Here are a few before and afters, using sky overlays: 

2 Tips to Add a Sky

Painted Skies and Light Leaks

Painted Skies and Light Leaks


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West Coast Skies

West Coast Skies


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