How to Install XMP Files in Lightroom

How to Install XMP Files in Lightroom

Jackie Acosta
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The newest version of Lightroom has converted the presets from LRTemplates to XMP files. Learn how to install XMP files in Lightroom with these easy steps.

If you have LRTemplate files that are already installed in Lightroom, it will automatically convert these presets to XMP files.

Install Instructions


  • Download and save the presets to your computer (where you can find them)
  • Select the folder and "Copy"
  • Open up Lightroom
  • Now go to "Lightroom" in your main menu and select "Preferences".
  • Select (Click on) "Show Lightroom Develop Presets" in the "Preferences" Menu.
  • "Paste" your Presets Folder containing the .XMP files into "Settings".
  • Restart Lightroom and you are ready to start editing!


Are you looking to be inspired with your editing in Lightroom? You must check out these 5 Creative Edits! 

How to Install XMP Files in Lightroom

I typically do most of my post processing in Adobe Photoshop, but I have definitely begun to love editing with presets in Lightroom and now that you can use them with mobile devices, it has made it even cooler. 

If you have the Lightroom CC app on your mobile device, XMP files will not download and install to the app. You will need to be sure that the presets have DNG files to download directly to your mobile device. 

Here are some of my favorite presets that are now available for BOTH desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom. 

Film Style Black & White Lightroom Presets

Film Style Black & White Lightroom Presets


NEW Stunning Black & Whites Inspired by film, this set of 10 black and white presets brings a subtle vintage look to make your images timeless.  These presets have the option of downloading directly to your mobile device. Android or iPhone. Includes… Read More

I typically run this presets as is, but because images vary straight out of camera, sometimes I will adjust the exposure afterwards.

LR Mobile Color Punch Presets

LR Mobile Color Punch Presets


*NEW* A Creative Punch of Color If you are looking for a set of presets that give a boho, earthy vibe, this set is for you! The Color Punch Collection contains 15 color presets to take your images to the next level.  The best… Read More

A great tip for using these presets, is to run the preset first...then simply adjust the exposure and contrast if it is needed! 


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