Weekly Top Ten 1 I Photo Contest I Inspiration

Weekly Top Ten 1 I Photo Contest I Inspiration

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The variety and styles of all the artists share each week are always so amazing. Here are the results of this week's photo contest. Thank you to all who contributed and congratulations to this week's top picks.

The beautiful featured image above and below is by Captured Gravity Photography, LLC.

"Inspiration 1- to have known this sweet soul is to know the love of God. Amris is an inspiration in how she lived her life. She saw the good in everyone and everything. Such a beautiful and inspiring soul.

I am inspired to pick up my camera to capture moments that mean everything. Everything now that at that time felt like a little snippet that may be insignificant. Moments you can go back to and FEEL and remember the sweetness of. Precious snippets of time frozen forever." - Captured Gravity Photography LLC. 

Be sure to check out the current theme below and I am sure you will be inspired by the images. If you don't follow these photographers yet, be sure to check out their links and give them a follow. You can copy the badge below to share as well. 

Lacey Raff

"They are my inspiration.

To capture more.
To remember more.
To adventure more. "

Megan Hodge Photography

Kim Veazey Photography

"They look out for each other, and I hope they always do. Inspires me to be my best self."

Laura Webb Photography

"My son and his beautiful family!"

ASalgado Photography

"She's Unbreakable, She's a Warrior"

Laura Hazelwood

"My baby girl, with her baby girl - while still pregnant with her baby boy."

Kathy Davis

"My 95 year old father back in 2013. Dad was our biggest inspiration. He repaired accordions for many years and was known throughout the country by many musicians. He was the most resourceful man I’ve ever known, learning the trade to support his love of according music."

JCS Modernday Photography

Sunny Days Photography by Emma

"...to find beauty in even the smallest creation"

Melissa Butler Photography

Sherri Cox

"The natural happy that goes on in my front yard is a blessing and an inspiration to me! So thankful!"

This week's theme is WINTER . . . 

Join the 52 Week Photo Contest Challenge! Here is a list for this year's challenge. 

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Bokeh Preset Collection


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Lightroom Coffee Collection


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