Weekly Top Ten I Photo Contest I Current Favorite

Weekly Top Ten I Photo Contest I Current Favorite

Jackie Acosta
2 minute read

What an adorable portrait featured above by Jackye Williams White, thank you for sharing! Here are the results of this week's photo contest. There were so many beautiful images this past week and such a great variety too! It is always so hard to narrow them down. Thank you to all who contributed and congratulations to this week's top picks.

Be sure to check out these photographers and give them a follow. You will continue to be inspired. 

I am excited to share the new theme of the week below.

Lily and Sage Photography

I love the creativity of this image...the composition and that amazing pop of color! 

Oh Snap! Photography 

This BW portrait really drew me in, fabulous work!

Colleen Bingham Photography

I love double exposure images and this one is stunning! 

For those wanting to give this a try, here is a great blog post on Double Exposure. 

Angel Kolbe

The colors and light in this portrait are perfection and I love the composition leading directly to your subject.

Painted Skies and Light Leaks

Painted Skies and Light Leaks


On The Road Again I recently took a road trip across the U.S. and as we drove through the mountains and the desert, I couldn't help but fall in love with how beautiful the skies were. The cloud formations and… Read More

Salina Guzman Photography

A wonderful portrait that has great light, tones, and clarity.

Bees Moments Photography

This is such a sweet holiday capture, I love how the little girl in the middle is looking up at her mom.

Megan Hodge Photography

A perfect take when Santa visits the beach, love it! 

In The Blink Of An Eye Photography 

A beautiful sibling portrait, love the connection that you captured.

This week's theme is to share your journey of photography. . . . Then and Now

Teresa Renee Rogers Photography

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