Weekly Top Ten I Photo Contest I Favorite Candid or Blooper

Weekly Top Ten I Photo Contest I Favorite Candid or Blooper

Jackie Acosta
2 minute read

I am sure this week's theme is going to bring a smile to your face. This capture above by Rachel Dickey is a perfect capture and totally had me laugh. Thank you for sharing! Here are the results of this week's photo contest with the Blooper or Favorite Candid theme to highlight a variety of work. 

Thank you to all who contributed and congratulations to this week's top picks, the images were all amazing!

Mainstreet Photography TN

You can almost hear the laughter in this image, great capture!

Bees Moments Photography 

I love that kids make the best faces and at the perfect moment...awesome capture.

Grace By Chance Photography

Such a funny and cute shot and I love the tones!

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Karrie Guare

BEEEEE! Ohmyland! This one just got me as I am sure I have the exact look when I'm face to face to a bee!

Deanna Leperi Photography LLC

I just can't get over how adorable this little one, love it! 

Eszter Szabó Photography

Ha! Sometimes it can be a little challenging getting a little group together for pictures...love this candid/blooper moment.

Jenny Rueckert

A perfect candid capture of friendship, great capture. 

Shelby Sears Photography

This is one where I would love to the series of events....the tones and the light are awesome too.  

Shutter Road Photography

Love this sweet capture and how both the kids are hiding their faces from mom and dad's PDA. 

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Sofia Thompson Photography

Grace in Chaos Photography

This week is open to share your Current Favorite . . 

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