Weekly Top Ten I Photo Contest I Then & Now

Weekly Top Ten I Photo Contest I Then & Now

Jackie Acosta
2 minute read

Stunning "Then & Now" image by the fabulous Salina Pennington Photography- Newborn and Baby Portraiture. It is so cool to see the transformation from the composition to the processing. Thank you for sharing! Thank you to all who contributed and congratulations to this week's top photo contest picks.

We all start somewhere which inspired this theme and honestly it is so cool to see the progression from everybody. I started my own photography journey over twenty years ago now (with film) and put together a blog post awhile back from when I had first switched to digital (which was a huge learning curve for me.) You can see more of that post here. 

There are so many amazing photographers and artists in this group. The variety and styles of all the artists share are inspiring every week.Be sure to check out the current theme below. If you don't follow these photographers yet, be sure to check out their links and give them a follow. 

Grace in Chaos Photography

Happy Little Pixels

Kace Photos



Eszter Szabó Photography


Bees Moments Photography

Lily Blossom Photography

"Portraits then vs now: left I bought my first camera in 2016, a second hand Nikon d90.
Right, fall 2021 with my Nikon d7500."

Michelle Rikard

Sunny Days Photography by Emma

"The one on the left was my very first maternity shoot, the one on the right is the same friend this year!"

Jennifer Silva 

"It all started 9 years ago when my oldest son started playing sports. Now I am the High School’s sports photographer."



Bokeh Preset Collection

Bokeh Preset Collection


The Bokeh Collection   This set of ten Bokeh Lightroom presets add that extra spark of light that create a magical feel. This set of presets can be combined with other presets such as the Retro Collection, Film Style BW Presets, and more!… Read More

This week's theme is open to share your Current Favorite . .

...and sharing just a few more "Then & Now" images. 

Double K Photo & Design

"2019 / 2021 "

Morgan Leslie’s Photography, Art & Crafts

"2017 / 2021 "

Amanda Britton

Karrie Guare


Lightroom Coffee Collection

Lightroom Coffee Collection


How Do You Like Your Coffee? This Coffee Collection consists of thirty plus presets that give the perfect creative touch from rich & bold colors, refined black & whites, to simple and clean edits for subtle film quality.  This collection includes: … Read More

Are you looking for an editing software and curious how to get started with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom?

The majority of my editing takes place in Photoshop first and then sometimes I edit in Lightroom as well. Both of these programs are amazing and you can check them out below.

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Winterize It

Winterize It


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