My 3 Goals - What Are Yours?

Hey friend,

I'm just sitting here by the window and yes if you were wondering it's open. If you are down south that might not be a big deal. If you live up north then you probably have yours open too because you're acclimated to the colder weather. Mine is open because it's cold and crisp outside and the sun is out, a rare thing this time of year for Oregonians. If you're in South Africa you're enjoying warmer times and probably hitting the beach. I have friends that live near Durban, SA and I always see their beach photos while it's cold and wet here. 

As usual, this time of year the cold keeps me indoors more than I like to be so I'm wrestling with the cabin fever. This is the time of year where most people in Oregon take a trip just to get some sunshine. I'm holding out for Spring Break. I want to put together a workshop in Houston and Georgia. I had a lot of fun the last time we went to both of those places. Also wanting to take a trip to New York to see some friends and possibly put on a workshop there. Lot's of work and details to hammer out with all of that.

I'm thinking about this year. It's been a year of seemingly endless obstacles. One thing after another. How has yours been? I've had several moments where I wanted to go to the beach and give my laptop a Viking funeral. You know where you put it on a raft of sorts stacked with wood and kindle and push it out to sea. Then you shoot flaming arrows at it and watch it burn as it floats further and further away. Not to worry though, I know it's the obstacles and setbacks that ultimately become the seeds for greatness when we learn to persevere through them.

I think ultimately we all keep our sanity as long as we sense some sort of progress. Progress towards our goals or toward what we want. More free time, less debt, a smaller waist, fewer wrinkles, teenagers that drive themselves to where they need to go (hahahahaha). I think one of the problems we have is that we have too many goals, too many targets. We spread ourselves out too thin and so while we try to hit every target and manage every priority, we do a so-so job of actually creating the change and impact we desire in each area. In a sense, we are less effective because we try to do too much.

I'm reading a few books right now and as usual, they have me thinking about the big things in life. Are you like me? Are you tired of wrestling with the same goals? Are you tired of "progress?" Wouldn't it feel so good to just say "Bam, it's done, finished!" I mean progress is good, but sometimes you'd just like to check the box and say "COMPLETE" so you can put that mental and physical energy into other things. And so you can finally stand at the top of that mountain and shout out I did it. 

Having wins are important. Do you remember the first time you ever did something that you believed was impossible? I mean something that for you might as well be the moon? I do, it was life-changing. You get this incredible new sense of who you are. This amazing feeling that you can do anything, accomplish anything, become anything, that you are UNSTOPPABLE! That's what I'm talking about. I want to hit some goals that for you might not be a big deal, they might not even be goals, but for me they are. Things that have either alluded me or that get lost in the stack of bills, emergency room visits, to-do-list, and demands of day to day life. 

This book says to write down all the things you want to accomplish, then narrow to your top three and then circle one and focus on it exclusively for the next 365 days.

Ok so here are mine...
1.) I want to get in shape, great shape. I want to have loads of energy and be as healthy as possible. Why? Because when I'm older (and every day I'm reminded of how much closer that is LOL.) I want to be a fit grandmother to my grandkids and I want to enjoy my "retirement" years with my husband and go on more adventures and explore the world all over again.

2.) I want to write a book. I have a lot of stories so far from raising 5 boys and I'm sure I'll have many more. I have my own story, my own history and battles aside from just being a mom too. I have stories about being a kid, about being a daughter that have shaped who I am. I want to wrestle through telling those stories and maybe find some katharsis through the process. Plus I think it could impact a lot of people in a positive way, I hope anyway. I also love the idea of leaving something behind for my kids and my grandkids and extended family. I want them to know what I valued, obstacles I faced and how I overcame them. I want them to feel connected to a history and have a sense and appreciation for an individual's story and their own. And to understand that like a stained glass window, we are all just a piece of something larger that can be beautiful.

3.) Don't laugh...I love to sing and I love playing the guitar. Before my photography business took off I spent most of my time playing and singing and traveling with my husband and our friends. I would love to do more of that again. I want to record an album that my husband and I write and produce together. For the same reasons, I want to write a book. Just like I believe there's a story to tell I know I have a song in there. Maybe a lot of bad ones, but a few decent ones I imagine.

What about you? What are your goals? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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