September 17, 2015


FAQ's The Create Workshop Community

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1.) Question: Is this workhop one course or three courses?

Answer: This workshop used to be 3 different and completely seperate workshops. In order to simplify our lives and to give you more value we combined these three popular workshops into one offer and just brought all three workshops under the name "The New Create Workshop."

2.) Questions: What content was covered in the three workshops?

Answer: The Create & Inspire Workshop teaches how to use and get the most out of photoshop actions. Learning how to acheive the specific looks I get with my actions. The Create I Workshop teaches how to do creative composites such as overlays. The Create II Workshop gave more examples for the techniques in Create I, but it also added some more advanced techniques as well. Now all three of those workshops are combined into one and you get the blog community where even more Q&A, examples and tips will be continously expanding the value and knowledge available via The Create Workshop.

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