What kind of glass are you packin in your pocket?

May 12, 2015 0 Comments

What do you carry when you are not packing your SLR?

My friends from South Africa were in town last week and while we were strolling around she whips out her smart phone that had an impressive case and zoom lens. It wasn't this seperate zoom lens that you have to lug around and attatch and detatch. It was a very cool zoom lens that fit with a special phone case. Even with the lens attatched the phone still had a reasonably slim profile. I'm thinking I want to get one of these but not sure which phone or lens to go with. It is upgrade time for the cell phone so let the shopping begin. I'm wondering if any of you have a similar smart phones and lens? If so can you share a pic of the phone and mabe an unedited pic that you took with the phone/lens.


Jackie Jean