August 30, 2013


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Does midday shooting cause you to want to go crawl in a tiny hole and not have your camera with you? While shooting in the weee hours of the early morning and the glorious golden hour are often desired, you can still shoot in midday with the sun all bright and shining. 

Today at noon, I took a couple of my littles with me to the park and brought along my camera to catch some of their fun. There were some trees thankfully so we were able to get some "open shade" but I also made sure to grab shots where there was no shade as well. 

*Be mindful where the sun is during the time of day. For these, it was noon, but the sun wasn't quite directly over us yet. I just made sure to get low to the ground and had them face me with the sun on their backs (slightly on their heads too).

*Take advantage of open shade. Thankfully they were playing in some of the open shade and as you can see, it was very bright behind them. I made sure not to blow out the grass, but blowing out the sky wasn't bothering me either)

* Make sure your subject isn't squinty or getting harsh shadows on their face. Have them stand either in the open shade or have their back to the sun. 

For these images particularly, I shot very wide at an f-stop of 1.8. My only reason was because there was a lot of distractions in the background that I wanted to blur out, so you don't have to shoot that wide at all. My iso was at 200 and my shutter speeds were in the 1,000's. 



The color images were edited with DREAM VI from Imagine Series and the black/white is EXCITEMENT from Imagine Series. 

Here is a before and after as well :) 

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