Get Creative in the Winter with Photography -

Get Creative in the Winter with Photography

It's time to Get Creative in the Winter with Photography

If you are in an area where the temps are below freezing like I am, you may need just a little creativity to still get your camera out during the winter months.
So, it's time to embrace the cold and use it to your advantage! Remember that snow, ice, and frost are only around for a season and these can add texture and interest to your images (and absolutely give you an excuse to drink hot cocoa afterwards). 
Here are a few ideas to help stir those creative juices and get you taking more pictures:

Experiment with Lighting:

Winter days are shorter, which means there is less available light for photography. Try using artificial light sources, such as streetlights, lanterns, stringed lights to add interest to your images .


Get Creative with Compositions

Winter landscapes can be monochromatic, with everything covered in a blanket of white. Use this to your advantage and experiment with different compositions to add more visual interest to your images.

Winter activities:

Whether it's ice skating, skiing, or building a snowman, there are plenty of winter activities to photograph. Don't be afraid to get out there and capture the action (just make sure to bundle up)!
Quick Tip: Have you tried using Instant Mashed Potatoes for "blowing snow"? This is a great option to keep those hands warm all while capturing the look of moving snow. 

Experiment with Editing

Use post processing to enhance the mood and atmosphere of your winter images. Try adding adding a blue cast to convey a sense of cold, or boosting the contrast to add drama. 
Winterize It

(Processed with Winterize It in Adobe Photoshop)

Still Too Cold?

If it is simply just too cold, don't limit yourself because with this theme, you can stay indoors and use natural window light to capture some beautiful moments. 
I'm SO excited to see what you come up with for this Winter theme! Happy Photo Taking! 
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