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February 29, 2016


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Weekly Top Ten - "Weekly Favorite"

Congratulation to the top ten this week! There was an enormous amount of beautiful submissions and I was totally floored by the variety of images too. Simply amazing. Thank you to everyone who posted, you all completely rock. 

This week's theme is JOY. 


Scarlet Lens Photography

photoshop tips

Chelsea Palmer Photography

photoshop actions and tutorials

Jennifer Fard

black and white presets

Hartwell Photography by Christi Hartwell

jackie jeans presets and actions

Nicole Dalton Photography

weekly top ten


lightroom presets

Rachel Plunkett Photography

sky overlays

Elizabeth Marina Photography

actions for photoshop

Ashley Goverman Photography

actions for creative cloud

Lisa J Photography

tutorials for post processing

ShopJeanPhotography's Weekly Top Ten

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