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Weekly Top Ten - Bloopers/Outtakes

(Image above Jenny Havens Photography)

As photographers, we try to capture all of those perfect moments. What about all those in between shots though? Here are some fun outtakes to start your week. 

Congrats on this week's top ten!

Melia Harvey Photography

photoshop actions

Kristin Camferrman

lightroom presets

Tina Mewhinney Photography


Maria Q Dees Photography

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Melissa Butler Photography

Never fails lol. And yes I check which way the wind is going lol.photoshop basics

Sherri Cox

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Misty D. Photography

I had my Maternity client all set and was snapping the shot, when out of nowhere this random dog just runs up behind her. This shot is the result. She told me later she thought the dog was going to knock her into the water. 😬. I’m just thankful she didn’t go into labor. 😂. Could you imagine?!

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Eszter Szabó Photography

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Emily Flodstrom Photography

"Jump up and show me how excited you are that school is out for the summer... okay, maybe not!"lightroom presets

Jenny Havens Photography

lightroom presets

This week's theme is Water . . . 

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