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1.) Do you offer video tutorials for actions?
Yes, while I am currently working on more, you can see examples HERE.

2.) How do I install actions?
For Photoshop Elements 11, 12, 13, All CS versions of Photoshop, and Creative Cloud, see below. For PSE Elements 7-9, please email me your version and install directions will be sent to you. Extract folder from zip file and save to your computer. (I recommend backing up your purchase) Install : Open PS In your Menu, go to Windows - > Actions Actions Palette Window will open Click on the top right corner of Actions Palette Window (drop down menu/little arrow with lines) Select Load Actions Then select all the .atn files They will appear then at the bottom of your actions palette window.

3.) How do I access my files?

Login to your account with the email that your purchased your files with. Click head icon in the top menu to go to the My Resources page. From this page you can access your account, your downloadable files and videos.

4.) Is the Create Post Processing Workshop Online? Is it live?
Yes, it is online and no, it is not live. This workshop is intended to be flexible with anyone's schedule.

5.) What level should I be at to sign up for Create?
While any level photographer has signed up for Create, I do recommend having a good knowledge of Photoshop prior to signing up as to not get lost.

6.) Do you offer one on one mentoring?
I do not currently offer mentorships although I have in the past. I do offer in person Shoot Outs and interactive workshops at different times during the year. Subscribe to my blog to receive notification when I do open up registration for an in person Shoot Out or interactive workshop.

7.) What are your terms of use?
All images, videos, and tutorials are copyrighted under Jackie Jean Photography ©1999-2016 any use outside of the intended purposes is prohibited. Recording and redistribution of workshops and resources is prohibited.

8.) Can I teach or be currently teaching and still take one of your workshops?
The easy answer is no, but you can message me directly to get access approved.

9.) If I take your workshop am I'm agreeing to not teach workshops online or in person indefinitely?
No. I do not prohibit my customers from teaching online or in person indefinitely, but I do prohibit customers from teaching within two years of taking one of my workshops.

10.) Do you offer refunds?
Do to the electronic nature of resources I do not. However many years we have been in operation I can count on two hands the number of customers who were for whatever reason were unsatisfied. We bend over backwards to wow you, to encourage you, to be polite and respectful. We want you to succeed and grow and we hope that our resources help you toward that aim. Call us old fashioned, but if you have a problem or issue just contact us. We do our best to put a smile on your face.

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