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Military Appreciation Giveaway

Honoring Military Service MembersThis is Aaron, Jackie's husband. I wanted to do this giveaway because I have always wanted to find a way to show our support for you in a BIG way. I know it's not much compared to the sacrifices you make but it's what we can do now and we are busting our tails to be able to do more for you and our police and first responders locally and abroad. Our team here, my wife Jackie, myself and our recently hired friend Erin Williams have be inspired, overwhelmed and awed by your post, your sacrifice and your courage.

I am selecting the winners and have read every single post. I can't even begin to express my gratitude for what you do. My wife and I are blessed to be able to see our kids every single day. I read some of your post, parents sending off sons and daughters. Dads and moms gone on deployment and never seeing their new baby until they are months or years old, families struggling to make ends meet while putting their lives on the line for our country and sacrificing so much.... There is no price, there is nothing we could ever do to come close to equaling what you have given and continue to give.

I hope that this encourages those who just had a recent deployment or are missing their loved one that served. I hope this helps those young families with kids that are trying to support their family with extra income from photography. I know I have five boys and my wife and I are blessed now but we definitely went through struggles when we didn't know where we were going to get the food or clothes for our kids. I just hope you are encouraged and I hope more businesses and communities and those who are able will go above and beyond to show love and support to you and your families. Thank you again for your service. I'm typing up the list of Thanksgiving winners now and look forward to doing this again for Christmas!

God Bless You and God Bless This Great Nation!


We have selected 101 winners!

First thank you all for your service. We absolutely truly do love and appreciate all of you!

UPDATE 12/06/16 Please go to our website and set up an account if you don't already have one. Everyone that has emailed me has received their access. Please email me with your corresponding FB Name/ID and put in the subject line WINNER.  

The Winners I Still Need Emails From Are:

Alana Barich Hunt
Alexa Marie
Alyssa Harris
Anderson Diana Jaramillo
Autumn Rowland
Becky Croft
Bobbie Steele Brown
Breanna Finney
Britt Christene
Brook Cecile LIttle
Christina Hunter
Cindy Hutchinson-Merrill
Cynthia Brown
Danielle Balmer Sweet
Imperio Impressions
Jeffrey Mazonka
Jen Slaby
Jennie Pickett
Jennifer Brttinger Lancaster
Jessica Sypnier Salazar
Julie Acosta Timberlake
Kelley Chris Stokes
Leah Jarrin
Marissa Maria
May Castillo
Michelle Shipley Jaynes
Penny Barnett
Rebecca And Bradley Beal
Renee Lynn
Samantha Ybanez
Sarah Ann Raines
Sonia Carrera Castaneda
Stephanie Steakley Howell
Tara Cope
Tatum Burk
Tiffany Nikole Burns
Trenna Fowler
Whitney Allison Farish
Zandra Gavaldon


Remember to email me at Please put (WINNER) in the subject line of your email. Also use the same email that you created an account with. You can create your account at --->