Creating Art - Mentorship with Jackie Jean

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Come explore digital art further in this 3-week interactive course. From start to finish, creative planning, shooting and post processing. This class will push you to new levels in both your photography and your post processing. This interactive course includes : 

Creative Planning Guide
PDF to guide you as you plan and learn how to bring your vision to life. Loaded with inspiration and creative ideas for shoots of your own.

Weekly Recorded Webinar
Join or watch the playback of the weekly webinars and creative shoots.

Private Facebook Group
Connect in the private FB Group for Q&A.

Specific Shooting Assignments
Receive specific shooting task and feedback each week as you work and improve on specific skills.

Digital Composite Assignment
Apply what you’ve learned and receive critiques on your final assignment.

Active seats are limited in order to focus on each active attendee's growth thru the interactive mentorship, a huge value for those who truly engage.

Silent Seats
Silent seats are available and will include all access as the active seats with the exception of no participation to discussions within the group.

Jackie Jean asks upon signing up that you are willing to commit to at least 3hrs a week to this course. Completing assignments and receiving feedback is where the most growth will happen. It is recommended to know your camera in manual mode as well as be comfortable in photoshop. 

Class Objectives: 

  • Finding Inspiration for Ideas
  • Preparation & Creative Story Boards
  • The Importance of Colors
  • Finding & Choosing a Location
  • Choosing the Right Lens for Shoot
  • How, Why & When for Incorporating Props
  • Creating Seamless Composites in Photoshop
  • Composition and much more . . . 

    An email will be sent to attendees two weeks prior to start date for facebook group. (must have a FB group account to participate and access content) 

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