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10 Before and After Favorites

Which is your favorite edit?

I had brought my camera to the beach that day to take pictures but ended up capturing this shot with my Iphone. I transferred it to my computer and thought I would give it a little play.

Here is the original image (with the edited versions above).

before and after edit

I love how creative you can get with editing in Photoshop, the possibilities seem to be endless whether it is a simple edit or changing the scene altogether.  

Here are some more favorites to inspire your creativity. 

Edit 1.)

photoshop tutorials and overlays

Image Above:
Edit 2.)

Image Above:
Edit 3.)

Image Above

This simple edit can be done in both Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). I used Simple Solutions (3) plus Exposure Lift from the Creative Edge Presets Collection

Edit 4.)

Image Above:

This fun composite was done with a series of stock images and hand editing. 

Edit 5.) 

photoshop actions overlays

Image Above:


Edit 6.)

photoshop actions light overlays

 Image Above: 
Edit 7.)

sky overlays photoshop

Image Above: 


Edit 8.)

lightroom presets

Image above:
Edit 9.)

photoshop classes

Image and below: 
  • Both of these image edits are available in the Pro Members group. Series of hand editing along with composite work. 
Edit 10.)


Need help with adding a sky to an image? 



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