• Clear, easy to follow ,very helpful.

    Rena G.
    Photoshop Basics

  • I love Jackie Jeans actions. It offers richness and warmth to my photos. I will definitely be making future purchases from Jackie Jean Photography. 

    Krystin M.
    The Freedom Collection

  • Super easy to use... I’m so glad I purchased this. Took me from photoshop zero to hero! Love the way she teaches... she made it effortless and so easy to understand! 

    Sierra S.
    The Create Workshop

  • These actions are so useful in my editing. I have used them plenty since receiving them! Very easy to do a custom edit with the option the tweak the layers in the action.

    Samantha W.
    The New CS Bundle

  • I really loved the variety of the skies included with this. It's not just cloud variations as one would find with other vendors. Definitely something for every image!

    Jolene H.
    Jackie Jean's Sky Overlays

  • I love using my Jackie Jean presets. They add just the right touch to finish up my photos.

    Daniel Cox
    Shop Talk Lightroom Presets

  • This has a lot of knowledge in it and I love it. I'm applying what I've learned and it really shows. I have bought quite a few from JJ and look forward to more!

    Daphanie A.
    Photoshop Basics

  • I couldn't stop watching the videos, and my images are even better now! The videos and explainations are very easy to understand and follow. I had a stash of images that I've been practicing on and re-editing from last year, and the results are so much better. My daughter is going to get so sick of my camera, and I can't wait! Haha!!

    Jolene H.
    Photoshop Bootcamp

  • This course gave me the ability to completely change the look of my images. I am now able to wow my clients with snowy images any time of the year. gamechanger

    Brooke G.
    Winterize It

  • I have an outdated version of Photoshop Elements & was looking for some way to get more out of my photographs. Jackie's tutorials are nothing short of amazing. This is definitely worth the money & time. Thank you Jackie for your tutorial's to help us all have a new edge on our images!

    Kelly P.
    The Create Workshop

  • I have really enjoyed this! I’ve been afraid in the past but your actions and overlays and step by step instructions have made learning fun!!

    Rebecca S.
    The Perfect Punch

  • Super easy to access, video was very informative and being able to watch the edits as they are happening is exactly how I learn. It made it so much easier for me. Thank you! 

    Mandi S.
    The Exposure Edit #1