The Create Workshop


Are you passionate about photography but timid or frustrated by Photoshop? Well, give yourself props for seeking out new knowledge and skills. Learning and mastering Photoshop will open so many incredibly creative options for you that you just cannot pass up.

Some workshops only teach you how to edit with photoshop actions, but The Create Workshop teaches you how to get creative and post-process without needing actions. It's kinda like taking your camera off the AUTO settings so you can use the advanced manual capabilities.  BUT... You will also get my training on how to apply and maximize photoshop actions. So you can get the most out of the actions in my store. 

  • Learn to get consistent quality results
  • Breakthrough creative staleness and plateaus
  • Learn pro-level techniques in PS and PSE
  • Create beautiful images without needing actions
  • Learn faster and learn what matters without information overload
  • Processing of 15 additional images
  • New additional advanced skills to add to your knowledge

Imagine how exciting it will be to unlock true creative power and pro secrets in Photoshop. Once you checkout you will have 24/7 access to 120 minutes of step-by-step video training with Jackie Jean. Learn at your own pace with pause, rewind, and review controls. You will immediately get your receipt and login information so you can start learning today.

What you will love most is being able to fully develop your creativity and unique style because you will now have a solid foundation of tools in Photoshop. Jackie will be there to help guide you step-by-step and we guarantee your results will be surprising. Grab your headphones and a pen and notepad and get started now!

  • Create your own unique style
  • Learn to edit without actions
  • Take your photos from ordinary to extraordinary
  • 24/7 access for an entire year
  • 34 Example Edits

What You Need

  • Photoshop CS2 through CS6 or Creative Cloud
  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • Speakers or Headphones
  • Pen & Paper for Notes

Feedback & Images Shared

See some of the images our customers created after taking The Create Workshop!

Violet Sky Photography


Jessica Bridgewater Photography, LLC


Grace Hill Photography


"So seriously within two hours after watching the first two videos I can't believe how much I have improved on my editing! Seriously you are AMAZING. I can't wait to get through the others! :D
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!" ~ Britny


Britny Sirotak Photography



"Deciding whether to take this Workshop or not?  TAKE IT!!! I just finished Jackie Jean's Create workshop and I can't say enough great things about it. I actually took a class with her a few months back that was similar to this one. I loved it so much that I took it again. The other day Jackie Jean was running a contest for a free seat in her upcoming Create workshop and I thought to myself "I would take it again!!" I have learned so much on the editing end of things by watching the videos of her editing her work. I now have a Jackie Jean notebook filled with tips from the videos. By watching how she creates her work you also get a better idea of how you need to shoot a picture in order for the editing to be possible. Really learned so much.  Thanks Jackie Jean for sharing all your knowledge with us. "~Jen

"Just wanted to thank you for your time and talent over the last few weeks. I truly appreciated your feedback and honesty. While I liked the videos, the best part about the class was the application of the learning. I felt that you did an excellent job of teaching about the fundamentals of photoshop, without making us into carbon copies of you or you style. I loved the assignments and really felt they were a great addition to the class. Your feedback was both encouraging and honest. I loved your thinking question you posed at the end - thinking about "why" we press the shutter is so so important and what story we are trying to tell. The processing skills I have gotten will enhance my story telling and I am thankful for that :)" . ~Jennifer

"I signed up for CREATE to take my photography to the next level. For the past two years I've taught myself everything I know and it was refreshing and a blessing to find another photographer, whose pictures are perfect, that was willing to share some pointers and teach. It would have taken years or never to learn these new tricks.I loved that there were different videos to make your photographs look different. Not just one style. So it's appealing to anyone wanting to learn something new! The best part is the pause button. Really handy to take notes! I wouldn't change a thing!! :) I LOVE the videos and how simply explained they are. Made a difference after watching just one!!I would recommend this to a friend. It's perfect for all different kinds of styled photographers!" ~Haley

"I have learned so much from you, and have enjoyed the videos very much! You are a great teacher. Thanks so much".~Barbara

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