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LR Lens Flare Presets

LR Lens Flare Presets

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LR Lens Flare Presets provide a creative way to add realistic lens flares to your photos. These expertly crafted presets let you quickly and easily add a variety of lens flare options to your photos with just one click. 

Utilize the power of light and elevate the quality of your work.

This ADD-ON preset collection includes a variety of TWENTY different lens flares to compliment different lighting scenarios and toned presets in addition to TEN Bonus Light Leaks. All of these presets can be combined with each other for a fun effect!

For a limited time, this preset collection also includes a BONUS set of Tilt-Shift Presets.

These creative flares pair great with the following preset collections: 
  • Retro Presets
  • Creative Edge Presets
  • Colorful Presets
  • Color Punch Presets
  • Workflow Presets
  • Coffee Collection
  • Natural Collection
  • Matte Presets
  • LR Light Effects


These are XMP File Presets and are compatible with :

  • The NEWEST Version of Lightroom Classic CC
  • Lightroom CC (Cloud)
  • ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud

**The are not compatible with LR mobile UNLESS you sync your phone app with your desktop app. They can ONLY be installed on LR CC Desktop to sync with mobile app.

**Results will vary with each image.



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