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10 Tips for a Traveling Photographer

Over the past few years, I have traveled a bit more with workshops and photo shoots. The season for traveling is here now that it is summer, so
here are 10 tips that I have put together to help you travel light and make sure you are ready to go!

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1. My Camera + a Backup

I did not have a backup camera for a number of years, so don’t stress if you only have one to bring. However, now that I do have two, I am always sure to bring both just in case something happens to the first. 

2. Lenses

I don’t like to go overboard in bringing lenses. My goal is to fit everything in my bag and not have it weigh a ton on my back. My absolute go-to lenses for travel would be my wide angle lenses 24-70mm 2.8 (for both indoor lifestyle images and landscape). I also bring two primes: Currently, my favorite lens is my 105mm 1.4 (Nikon) that is super sharp and perfect for getting that beautiful creamy bokeh. My second favorite lens would be the 85mm 1.8 prime as it is super lightweight and a great go-to portrait lens.

3. Reflector

While I don’t always use it, I like to bring along a small one for those just in case moments.

4. Belt Holster

If you don’t have one, I suggest getting one as it is THE best thing that was ever created...besides ice cream of course. (I suggest spiderholster. Currently, I wear one camera around my neck and have one camera on my hip.

5. Battery Charger and Battery

This should be a given, but I have forgotten it before and had to search all over for a camera store to replace it.

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6. Plenty of SD Cards/CF Cards

If you are wondering if your images get damaged through security check at the airport, they are okay. All my images have stayed intact. I like to keep a backup for cards just in case one goes bad (this is a rare case) and also because if I shoot a lot and run out of space, it’s hard to find more at the last minute in a new place.

7. SD/CF Card Case

You need to have a place to put all these cards, so I recommend checking out Amazon as they have a nice selection.

Bonus Tip - Gum - This tip may not have anything to do with photography but I have to have gum when flying. It helps me calm down from the initial “ahhh, I’m flying” feeling to not having my ears ache as we reach new heights. ;)

8. Lens Caps

Am I the only one that loses these things? If you haven’t already, invest in some backups, especially while traveling.

9. A Good Camera Bag

You will need a good size camera bag that is going to keep your equipment safe and fit everything in it. I have a Lowepro backpack style bag that I love. I store my lenses and main camera on the backside of the backpack and my reflector, SD cards, chargers, and backup camera on the top portion of the backpack. Even better? If you have a small laptop, it has a place for that too! I am all about being able to fit as much as I can in the bag so I’m not lugging a ton through the airport.

10. Your Camera and Security Check

You will usually have to take out your camera so they can run it through the machine. Your camera will be fine as well as your SD cards.

Now, go enjoy your travels and be sure to take a LOT of pictures! 

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Thanks for sharing. This was helpful! Especially the part about lenses and SD cards

Kay Barnes

Hello Jackie! Please do some input in regards to choosing a good camera. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Canon and Nikon… been comparing canon 80D with the Nikon 7500D and I’m so indecisive! What is a good camera for professional photography? Not the medium-format camera which are pretty exclusive for professional photographers…. therefore super expensive! Thank you!

Karla Cordero

Thanks for sharing. Good info.

Lisa Loewer

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