Nikon or Canon? -

Nikon or Canon?

I get asked quite a few questions on a pretty consistent basis so I wanted to put a little list of questions and answers in one spot to help me and you! 

Let's start with the most important question of all . . . . 

Are you a Nikon or Canon girl? Well, why does it have to be either? lol jk, well sort of. . . ok, ok. . .  I shoot mainly with a Nikon D800, but I do have a love for Canon and own a little Canon AE-1 for when I have an itch to shoot some film. I also have a medium format Pentax camera and a super antique camera that was my great grandpa's that doesn't work but is super cool. 

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What is your go to lens? Honestly, it really depends on the session. I go into a session knowing what images I plan on taking, so base it off of my planning. I love my 85mm 1.8 because it is light weight and it is very complimenting portrait lens. I also love my 24-70mm as it gives me the wide angle option that I love. Then there is the 135mm....the 105mm . . . .the 200mm . . .can you tell I tend to lean to towards the prime lenses?

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Are you self taught? Have you taken workshops either online or in-person? I am self taught except for those two years I took photography in high school. I literally had the best teacher and this was back in the stone age when digital cameras weren't a thing and film was where it was at! I lived in the darkroom at that time. Since then, most everything I have learned has been from trial and error. I now offer workshops to help others learn a bit quicker than I did. :) 

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Do you do photography full time? Yes. Not only do I teach but I also have a client base and specialize in children and family portraiture.

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Lightroom or Photoshop? I am 90% Photoshop and 10% Lightroom. If I shot weddings, I probably would use Lightroom more for the time efficiency aspect, but I love all the bells and whistles that Photoshop has to offer. 

Do you use actions? Yes, I use my own actions because I like to have a quick turn around time with my images. 

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Do you use actions in your workshops? In all of my workshops, with the exception of Create & Inspire, I cover everything step by step without using actions because I truly want others to know how to process their images from scratch and if they know the program, then actions are much more fun to play with in post.

Do you mentor? I am currently just offering my workshops. 

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Would you edit my images? Due to my schedule, I do not offer editing services to other photographers. However, I will teach you how to edit! :) 



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Do you offer anything for Elements? I sure do! In fact, I just released a workshop specifically for Photoshop Elements users. 

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Do you have any questions? Just shoot me a message, I'd love to hear! 




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You ask Nikon or Canon?? I just bought a Sony. Am I in trouble?


I am in love with your work! Most of all that you post a lot of photos of boys. I have 3 boys myself. Thank you for your creativity and willingness to help others. Many blessings to you and your family.

Jessica Cruz

What version of Photoshop do you use?

Cherie Lawrence

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