The Create Workshop -

The Create Workshop

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” 

― Hellen Keller


I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the participants in my Create Workshops and have loved seeing before and afters from both active and silent seats. Thank you to those who have sent messages, emails, and fb posts. I love seeing others grow in their confidence with post processing! 

Here are a few favorites from past and current attendees : 

Violet Sky Photography


Jessica Bridgewater Photography, LLC


Grace Hill Photography


"So seriously within two hours after watching the first two videos I can't believe how much I have improved on my editing! Seriously you are AMAZING. I can't wait to get through the others! :D
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!" ~ Britny


Britny Sirotak Photography


"Just wanted to thank you for your time and talent over the last few weeks. I truly appreciated your feedback and honesty. While I liked the videos, the best part about the class was the application of the learning. I felt that you did an excellent job of teaching about the fundamentals of photoshop, without making us into carbon copies of you or you style. I loved the assignments and really felt they were a great addition to the class. Your feedback was both encouraging and honest. I loved your thinking question you posed at the end - thinking about "why" we press the shutter is so so important and what story we are trying to tell. The processing skills I have gotten will enhance my story telling and I am thankful for that :)" . ~Jennifer


There are currently a handful of active seats available for May 30th and this will be the last time to sign up for an active seat at this special offer. Future workshop dates have not been announced yet. Click HERE to reserve your seat.


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