Weekly Inspiration Interview - Ginger Unzueta Photography

March 06, 2015

Weekly Inspiration Interview - Ginger Unzueta Photography

Lifestyle takes on a new meaning with Ginger Unzueta's work. Not only does she capture beautiful moments of the everyday, her writing that accompanies it is remarkable and always encouraging. 


How long have you been shooting and what inspired you to begin with? 

I have been taking photographs as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved pictures and have always had a camera. Like many other mothers, my children really ignited the passion in ways I hadn’t known before. I wanted to tell their story and to tell it in a beautiful way.  In addition, my husband used to travel with his job for long periods of time.  I became passionate about capturing the everyday of my family so that my husband could relive these special moments through our pictures and stories.  He continues to tell me that our pictures are such gifts to him.


What is your current favorite image and why?

I recently took this image of our two girls. It tells such a story to me about them and their personalities. Two sisters who are cut from the same cloth, woven together with such similar threads; yet each one beautifully unique. One is loud and one is quieter. One is a rule follower and one a rule breaker. One is reserved, while one is more outspoken. One is independent and one still seeks guidance.

Both loved abundantly and equally.

I've learned numerous lessons being their mother. One of the greatest lessons I have learned is not to compare. Honestly, this can be very hard at times. Like wanting your more reserved child, to step out and be a leader. Or asking your more boisterous child to be still and quiet. So often we have expectations of our children. Sometimes these expectations are based on what we see other children doing; how they are performing or behaving. It is so important, as parents, to remember that each child is completely unique. One may be capable and strong in areas that another may never be.

God gives us each our own individual strengths. We should each strive to learn how to utilize these gifts for His glory. I love the differences I see in each of our children. They remind me that He carefully created each of us in such a special way. It is fascinating to look at each person and see the beauty in their individuality. I want our children to know that I love each of them and that I want them to be nothing other than who they were created to be.

 This image is a reminder of all of this for me.


Describe your work in three or four words.

 Honest, intimate, sincere. 



What is in your camera bag and favorite lens to shoot with? 

Nikon d700, 50mm 1.4 , 35mm 1.4, 24 mm 2.8, and 85 mm 1.8

SPL Underwater Housing



How/Where do you find your inspiration and creativity? 

My children are without a doubt my biggest source of inspiration. I am also inspired by being outside. There is something alluring to me about water and sunshine. I am continually in awe of God’s creation.


What are your current goals? 

My first goal is to continue to glorify God in all I do. For the past two years, I have taught a workshop through the Bloom Forum called Everyday Beauty. I am so passionate about finding the beauty inside of our home and in my everyday life. It’s so exciting to see other photographers and mothers be challenged to find this beauty as well.  I would love to continue to have this opportunity to work with other photographers. 



One word of wisdom that you would like to offer or encouragement to fellow photographers?

Follow your heart and don’t forget the why.  Why do you pick up your camera? It is easy to forget the why in today’s media driven world, but you must remember the why.

I would also say to practice…practice…practice.  As pick up your camera and keep shooting, your style will being to shine through. Do not compare your journey to anyone else. Create your own path.





Website : http://www.gingerunzueta.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gingerunzuetaphotography

Instagram: http://instagram.com/gingerunzueta

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/gingeru/

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