Inspiration Interview with Elizabeth Ordonez -

Inspiration Interview with Elizabeth Ordonez

I am excited to share with you Elizabeth Ordonez Photography! Her work is a breath of fresh air and I have enjoyed seeing her work and getting to know more about her in this interview. 
How long have you been shooting and what inspired you to begin with?  
I've always loved photos, but I was pretty content with my point and shoot cameras until I took a trip to Italy about six years ago. I became very frustrated that my photos didn't reflect what I saw or the way I saw things. My husband bought me my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel, as a gift shortly after that and I set out to "learn photography." The technical side of things didn't really come naturally to me and my fancy camera collected dust for about a year. Then I had a baby and things changed. My desire to remember every moment was intense and palpable. I threw myself into learning how to use my camera and I eventually started producing images I liked. Once I saw the potential, I was completely hooked. 
What is your current favorite image and why?
This is an image of my daughters. Anyone else might think they are just standing there, but I see a whole lot more. I can see that my older daughter is explaining something to the little one, who is listening intently as always. I can see the baby doll that never leaves my two year old's hands and the weeds her sister is holding. I see their personalities in these tiny details.

Describe your work in three or four words.
Natural, modern, connected 
What is in your camera bag and favorite lens to shoot with? 
I have a Canon 6D, Canon 28mm 1.8, Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 24-105L, and a Lensbaby. My favorite lens is probably the 24-105L because of it's versatility, but it really depends what I'm shooting and why.
How/Where do you find your inspiration and creativity? 
My kids are the biggest source of inspiration for me. Becoming a mother really changed the way I look at everything. I see now how quickly time passes and it inspires me to try and capture just a few moments I can hold of the thousand moments I know will pass by each day. I want to show my children how amazing they are to me and I hope when they look at my photos one day, they will feel my love. I'm also inspired by the emotional connection other people share with their children and I enjoy helping my clients capture that. 
What are your current goals? 
I would like to grow my lifestyle newborn photography business and hopefully add birth photography within the next couple of years. In the near future, I plan to begin offering "fresh 48" hospital sessions for clients who want custom newborn photos in the hospital. Long-term, it is a dream of mine to have an image printed in National Geographic. 
One word of wisdom that you would like to offer or encouragement to fellow photographers?
Be authentic. Pick up your camera when you are moved to do so. Take the shots you want to take. Don't be afraid to let your voice shine through. Don't hold yourself back. When you start creating from your heart, people will notice. 
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