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A Peak Behind the Scenes . .

I really had a blast with this shoot. I wanted to get some nice "airy" images which is why we set out at 4:30. The sun was still pretty high up but it gave incredible backlight and gave me a ton of time to practice some posing as well as play with the light. You will notice a few images below having more haze than others and that is because of the position I was in when I was taking the pictures. 

While my beautiful (and totally awesome) model did come with some of her own outfits; which you will see below, I had two dresses that I was itching use from the fabulous designer Leah Maria Couture. I met Leah at the Click Away Conference this past fall and not only is she super nice, she is insanely talented. Her dresses and designs are amazing! 

For this shoot I used: Nikon D800 / 85mm 1.8 / 24-70mm 2.8

The settings varied as I changed the lenses a couple times and it varied each time I would change my positions to where the sun was. I did have my iso set to 400 though and my f-stop stayed in the range of 1.8-2.8.

I had the model standing in the dappled light under the trees with her back to the sun in these first few images. 

photography workshop

(above: edited with perfect black and white from daydreamer series)

photoshop actions

I was actually hoping for wind with this dress, but we didn't get any so we had to improvise. I really wanted to capture this shot in camera and my amazing friend did this a few times while I clicked the shutter super fast. I managed to get the one shot out of about twenty!

As far as processing, I chose do to a square crop, I added a tilt shift in photoshop and then polished it off with Dream VI from the Imagine Series Collection.

These next two images, I had the model move away from the dappled lighting into the full sun (still with her back to the sun). I also changed my angle to allow a bit of sun to come into my camera to create some haze. The sun was still a little too high for a lens flare but I did get some fun haze, though I will say that haze can be a little tough to process.

(First image: edited with create iii bw from Imagine series collection)imagine series photoshop actions

photoshop tutorials

This next picture was shot in the same location, but she was facing the sun while we blocked the light with her jacket. The shaded light made for a practically perfect straight out of camera shot!

(I processed it with Simple Color from the Imagine Series Collection)

Lastly, a couple pictures taken just as the sun went down. 




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We would loooove to have you come to Florida! I am a beginner and have soo many ideas but don’t have the confidence to make it happen. Have followed you for a long time and just love your work!


Wow beautiful shoot! I’m a huge fan of your work. Thank you for sharing this post.


I’ll be in Atlanta and Savanah, GA


Not sure if I’ll make it out to Florida this year. South Florida sure sounds nice right now! :)


Are you coming to Florida any time soon?

Cristiane Crozat

I have been a HUGE fan ever since I first saw your work..Simply Amazing session just as everything you do. You make it look so insanely easy and hopefully just one day I hope I can produce beautiful work just a fraction of what you produce.


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