Ideas for Children & Families . . . -

Ideas for Children & Families . . .

So, a couple of days ago, I put it out there on FB asking for your ideas when shooting children and families. Thank you so much to those of you who responded! I have selected a few (well, a little more than a few!) to share here so they are in one spot. I love all of these and am sure you will too! 


3 Wishes Portrait Studio

one of my go to ideas seems to be my old truck...have used it SO much, mostly by client request!


Jen Hamptom Photography

I love photographing families just having fun instead of trying to get everyone to look at me and smile. Just let them be kids! I especially love the wagon, kids will do great shots if I bring that out.


GateWay Photography

i always do a parents in the back, kids in the front shot. there is something about it that i just love.


Jenna Michelle Photography

"For child shots, I really like to take pictures angled above them. You have to watch out, though, because you don't want to be so far up that their neck looks odd trying to make eye contact with you. To get the child to look at me, I often have to ask them a question, where I know they will make eye contact and I take the shot."


Liz Cowie Photography


One of my favorite family shots is when I have them hold hands in a line. Then I tell the parent to start walking and pulling! It usually ends in giggles and somebody bumping into each other. I love using this pose because your are promised real laughter


Sandra Skogen

A favorite "go-to" for me is getting a family to sit nice and close. When there are younger siblings, I will usually ask the older child to give the younger child a kiss. Here's an example, although baby sister had a different idea. :) This shot ended up being one of my favorites as it created such a natural, fun moment.



And one of my own personal "go-to's" is having the parents get a surprise squeeeeeze hug from their kids! 



You want to see more?? I have lots more awesome ideas on my FB page from so many others! Thank you for stopping by and to all those who posted! 


~Much love, Jackie Jean


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