Developing Your Eye: 365 Photo Challenge -

Developing Your Eye: 365 Photo Challenge

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned photographer, the way to develop your eye for photos means training yourself to find beauty, patterns, and stories in everyday scenes. Mastering this skill can turn ordinary moments into captivating visual tales and no matter where we are on our journey, there is always room to grow.



The Power of Observation

Seeing Beyond the Obvious

Developing your eye for photography begins with observation. It's about learning to see beyond the obvious and noticing details that others might overlook. Start by observing your surroundings—study the light, shadows, shapes, and colors that make up the world around you.


Approach Scenes with Curiosity

Ask yourself questions: What makes this moment unique? What emotions does it evoke? How can I capture its essence through my lens? Cultivating a sense of wonder fuels your creativity and helps you see potential photographs in the most ordinary settings.


Training Your Eye with a 365 Photo Challenge

Practice Observation

Take moments to pause and really look at your surroundings. Train yourself to notice the interplay of light and shadow, the symmetry in architecture, the vibrant colors in a market, or the fleeting expressions on people's faces.


Carry Your Camera Everywhere

This is where the 365 Photo Challenge comes in handy. Opportunities for great shots often arise unexpectedly. Always carry your camera, whether it's a professional DSLR, a compact point-and-shoot, or just your smartphone. This habit ensures you're ready to capture those spontaneous moments that might otherwise slip away. Challenge yourself to take at least ONE photo a day for this next year. 

Study & Study Some More

Immerse yourself in photography books, galleries, or online platforms. Analyze the work of photographers you admire. Pay attention to how they frame their shots, use composition, capture emotions, and find beauty in seemingly mundane scenes. Let this inspire you to create your own vision and be careful not to get caught up in comparing yourself either as we are ALL learning and growing and on different journeys. 


Refining Your Vision

Experiment with Different Perspectives

Challenge yourself to explore various angles and perspectives. Get low, shoot from above, experiment with close-ups, or capture wide-angle views. Changing your viewpoint can transform an ordinary scene into a compelling photo.

Embrace Constraints

Sometimes we don't feel like we have the perfect setting, the location seems bland, the lighting isn't ideal...take this time to stretch yourself. Perhaps by focusing on a single color, a specific theme, or a particular type of lighting. This can push you to think outside the box and find unique perspectives within limitations.


Review and Reflect

Regularly review your photographs. Reflect on what worked and what didn't to help refine your vision. 



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Love this post, and I also want to improve my editing.

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