Recipes for Photoshop: Download Free Photoshop Actions -

Recipes for Photoshop: Download Free Photoshop Actions

I love to cook (especially when I have the time to experiment). I will admit that I have never been one using measuring utensils though. I like to add a dash of this and a sprinkle of that and just continue adding until it comes out just the way I want it. 

My approach to processing film in the darkroom and now in photoshop is much the same. I love to experiment and try different things to make my images just right

I have been working on putting together weekly photoshop recipes for you all so you can further your creative edge when using my actions and overlays. Be sure to check every week for new recipes and tips on taking your photography to the next level. 

In this first share, I am using both my West Coast Skies' Light Overlays and actions from my CS Bundle. Enjoy! 

Download Free Actions & Presets at


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I would like a photoshop class in person. Do you offer those?


I have Adobe Photo Shop would your actions/presets work with Adobe? Also when I buy them to download how do you put in Adobe? As well, do you provide tutorials for that?
Totally a novice but your rich colors is what I want to learn. Your fan.

Sherry Smith

Can I just say that I’m a novice photographer and really glad that you show tutorials on how to create products in PS. I have bought actions from another site and was so confused on how to use them. Yes, maybe that was my fault because I am a beginner but when I bought them, they said the actions were beginner friendly. No, they were not. I actually stopped playing around in PS because I would get so aggravated not knowing what I was doing. I really like the videos that you post and I’m really looking forward to buying your breakdown for beginners and camera basics. Thanks for sharing! Your tutorials make me want to buy more!


I always enjoy watching a pro in action. Thank you for the tutorial. It was very educational. I’m hoping to soon be able to purchase some of your actions.

Sandi Aldridge

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