Finding Life in the Mundane -

Finding Life in the Mundane

Finding Life in the Mundane with Photography

This week's challenge is to photograph "Something Ordinary". Life moves so fast, it is easy to get so caught up in the busyness that you somehow miss some of those small and beautiful moments. 
Some of the most interesting subjects in photographs can be found in the most ordinary things. This challenge is to take some time to slow down and find the beauty in something ordinary.
This could be a variety of things too, such as:
•A leaf on the ground
•A book
•Doing Laundry
And the list just goes on and on, it's documenting life and what's around you daily. This is where you can get creative!
finding life in the mundane

The key is to look at these ordinary subjects or tasks in a new way and try to find the beauty or interest in them. 


Get Creative

Be sure to play around with different compositions and angles instead of just photographing the subject straight on as this create more visual interest and make the photograph more dynamic.
Try shooting from above or below, or from an unconventional angle. Ask yourself what story you want to convey to the viewer of your photograph. Also experiment with different lighting to see how it changes the look and feel of your photo such as:
Shooting at Golden Hour
    And lastly, don't forget that you can be creative with your editing as well! 
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