Free Watercolor Effect -

Free Watercolor Effect

I decided to jump on the watercolor train with some of my free time. I have included a free download below as well as some instructions on how to use. 

Watercolor Effect

how to watercolor in photoshop

How to Create Watercolor Image in Photoshop
This is for Photoshop CS2-CS6 or Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud. The overlays can be used in Photoshop Elements as well. 
  1. Download PSD files and action HERE
  2. To download from Dropbox, select Download option on the right side (three dots drop down menu)
  3. Open your image in Photoshop that you would like to use.
  4. Run the Watercolor Action (ATN) on your image and adjust to your liking. Merge the layers. 
  5. Open watercolor PSD and drag your image to Watercolor PSD (be sure your layers are open and place your image where the layer tells you to adjust and place the image. 
  6. Optional - Have your image selected in layer and select Edit-Free Transform to make your image larger or smaller. 
Share Your Images

Please share your images on instagram and tag @jackiejeanphotography, I'd love to see your results! 

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this free set of overlays. 

~Jackie Jean

how to watercolor in photoshop

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