How to Make an In-Home Studio on a Budget -

How to Make an In-Home Studio on a Budget

During the winter months, we are usually stuck inside as the sun rarely makes it appearance which makes for less opportunities to go outdoors and take pictures. 

I put together this short little video on how to set up your own small studio in your home using natural light (and keeping it on a low budget). 


In this video, I don't use a reflector; however, I have used a reflector on other small sessions depending on how much light I need. If you are getting a ton of heavy shadows trying this setup, be sure you angle your subject more towards the light or use a reflector to bounce the light to reduce the shadows. 

I hope you enjoy this video and please share your results if you try it! 

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Great idea purchasing flooring at a hardware store.. Thanks for sharing

Lana A Butler

Really cute son & great photos Thanks for sharing

Janice B Butler

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