January 05, 2017


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How to Price Yourself

When deciding how to price yourself . . . ask yourself a few of these things :

How much is your cost? 

Be sure to factor in camera equipment, insurance, taxes, photo software (if you use it), props, etc

How many hours per week do you spend on photography whether shooting, editing, or learning? 

How much do you currently charge? How much do you think you are making hourly when you factor in the time you spend and your expenses?

You may love what you do, but at some point when there is no return on the investment of your money, resources, time, it will burn you out and that passion with doing something you love begins to fizzle.

So many photographers give away their time and walk away with a loss at the end of the year. Let's start this year by asking these questions, re-evaluating your pricing and what YOU are worth...I guarantee you are worth more than you give yourself credit for, so do not sell yourself short.

If you are portfolio building, then STILL ask yourself these questions and figure a goal of what you want to make. You can portfolio build at a discount rate while clients see your set prices, so they know that when your "special" is up, there isn't a shock factor with prices.

Also, take into consideration that when you price yourself higher, you find more clients that value your work rather than just looking for another deal.

Let's make 2017 a good year, set your goals, and make them happen!

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