How to Take Amazing Detailed Photos -

How to Take Amazing Detailed Photos

How to Take Amazing Detailed Photos 
It's time to focus on the technique of the detailed shot! 
You might think of Macro Lenses when it comes to detail shots; but, while macro lenses are awesome, you don't need one to participate in this challenge. A detailed image can be done with anything that draws attention to a subject that might otherwise goes unnoticed, the details help tell the story.  
Before we go over some ideas to get you ready to shoot, I wanted to cover just a couple things that help me with my own detailed shots. 
  • I avoid Flat Lighting. I find that light and shadows can make those details really shine. It adds more dimension to your photograph. 
  • I underexpose 1-2 stops. I typically do this with my usual shooting anyways as I find it works with my own processing style. When it is underexposed though (just slightly), it helps deepen those shadows in the image. (this is important again by watching the light) 
  • Changing Angles. Try different angles by moving around where the light fall perfectly on your subject matter. 

Here are 4 ideas to get help get your creativity flowing: 

Create a story:
Include just enough information that eludes to a bigger scene and story, without giving away too much. 
    Don't limit yourself to only small objects:
    Details come in all sizes and shapes. Just be sure to accentuate the subject matter in a creative way that draws the viewer in. 
      Focus in on that one tiny little detail. Remember that Shallow Depth of Field post? Zoom in even closer on your subject matter. If you haven't read it, you can see that post HERE
        Get creative with lines, shapes, textures, and colors. 
        It's time to grab your camera, create and have fun. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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