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Lens Flare in Photoshop Part I

I am a huge fan of lens flare and all the cool light effects it can give to a photograph. Before I go into sharing how to create a lens flare in photoshop, I want to share what a lens flare is and how to achieve it in camera

Lens flare happens when light hits the digital sensor (or film) causing a reflection of light on the image. The light can give various shapes of light effects. 

overlays photoshop

I recommend moving around your subject and allowing some light to peak in. For example, this image below, I angled myself where the plane wasn't completely blocking the sun so I could get some nice flare on the image. (This is a natural lens flare) 

lens flare

To achieve some more creative lens flare, grab a prism or a copper tube (about an inch), place it in front of your viewfinder and allow the light to hit it to create some unique flares such as the ones below. 

lens flare

lens flare overlay

Do you want to reduce the amount of lens flare you might be getting? This effect can be reduced by adding a lens hood as well as positioning yourself where the light isn't going directly (or even indirectly) into the lens. 

 light overlays sunflare

There are times where I get that creative itch and add some flare in photoshop too. Go HERE to watch a tutorial and receive a FREE lens flare overlay. 

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You are one of my biggest inspirations and I wish I could afford more of your photoshop goodies. Love your work Jacki Jean, just amazing.

Marci Ann Schachter

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