May 01, 2016

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Resize Resharpen & Freedom Tribe Edit

Facebook Image Optimization

I have been asked to share how I resize and adjust my images for Facebook.  This is the standard one I use on all my images. Be sure to save it as a .png file to maintain the color quality. You can download it here. 

What do you think of the photo above? That is one of the images I shot in 2015 from my Freedom Tribe sessions. I collaborated with a few other artist to put those sessions together. It was a total blast!

I do offer this video edit tutorial in my store for $29. Since you are a subscriber I'm gonna let you view it for
free for a limited time! Just make sure you have created a free account and are signed in. Don't miss out this link won't last forever.

Click here to view it now!  Hope you have an amazing week!

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marian linhart
marian linhart

February 13, 2017

thank you

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