Inspiration Interview - Penner Portrait Photography -

Inspiration Interview - Penner Portrait Photography

When I first saw Alyssa from Penner Portrait Photography's work, I was captivated. The use of light in her images is amazing and the emotions she captures as well . . . truly remarkable. I am honored to have her on here and know you will be inspired after reading. Thanks, Alyssa! 
How long have you been shooting and what inspired you to begin with? 
As long as I can remember I have been the "girl with the camera".  As a child I got my first camera and made my siblings pose for me with props and backdrops. In highschool I always had my camera with me to capture fun moments.  However, when I had my own children, I really started to pursue photography in a bigger way.  Although I used to work as an RN, my photography hobby grew into a business and I now do photography full time.  I have been in business now for almost 11 years. 
What is your current favorite image and why?
 My favorite image probably changes every week but right now it is this one of my oldest daughter.  It's often hard to get a real smile out of her, but I love that she's laughing as she's trying to hold our gigantic cat.  I've found my favorite images often have both my kids and animals in them.  :)

Describe your work in three or four words.
timeless, nostalgic, classic, capturing moments...
What is in your camera bag and favorite lens to shoot with? 
 I shoot with the Canon 5Dmkiii.  I have a bagful of lenses, but I mostly use my Canon 35mm (studio newborn), Canon 24-70 (other studio work),  Canon 70-200 (outdoor family), and I'm loving my Canon 135mm right now for outdoor as well.
How/Where do you find your inspiration and creativity?
I'm definitely inspired by my 4 children.  And beautiful light makes me really happy.  We are also super blessed to lived on an acreage so I find all sorts of little spots around home that inspire me on a regular basis.  I also love to come up with fun styled shoots (and my mind never stops dreaming up these things).  My full time business is mainly newborn and family photography- which I LOVE.  But it's the styled sessions and the photos I do for "fun" that keep me going.
What are your current goals? 
 Lighting is something I am always trying to grow in- both in my studio and my outdoor work.  Good lighting really makes a photo, in my opinion.  And also just finding balance in life- looking back I missed too many moments with my own babies because I was busy with my business.  So I am determined to be better with that in the future.
One word of wisdom that you would like to offer or encouragement to fellow photographers?
I would say it's important to find what you love to do, and grow in that area.  There are SO many different aspects of photography out there, and you can't do them all well.  It's okay to send clients to another photographer if they are asking for something that you don't like to do.  Not easy, but in the end you will be satisfied doing the things that you really love to do.

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