November 23, 2016


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The New Winterize It Action

I have added a new bonus action to the Winterize It workshop. In Winterize It, I teach all the "how to's" and step by step process to create a winter theme in your images in both Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS/Creative Cloud. 

The **bonus action** is currently  available for Photoshop CC/CS users AND Photoshop Elements 11and up. All the techniques shown in the workshop are what I used to create the action so the action is not needed to winterize your images if you are wanting to learn and do your own hand editing. 

Here is a video of running the action . . .


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September 07, 2017

That’s very cool :) thank u for sharing!

Lisa Marak
Lisa Marak

April 23, 2017

Recently I purchased your CS Bundle and I am enjoying it! I am interested in the Winterize it overlay and wondering how much it is? I was not finding it on your site. Also, I was wondering if you have a lantern/light glow type overlay? And a firefly int he sky over lay?
Thank you!

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