Weekly Top Ten - Summer Fun

So, a couple weeks ago, we put together a fun Facebook Group to get to know other photographers, participate in weekly themes, and also keep up to date with the latest happenings. 
This last week's theme was "Summer Fun" and there were an incredible amount of beautiful shares! Here are the top ten and you have to check out the top 5 from the previous week's "Freedom" theme...gorgeous! 


#1 - KBW Photography


 Stephanie Provost


 Zander & Breck Photography 



Annmarie Sellers


Full Feather Photography 


Something Southern Photography



Skye Tucker 


Shayne Casto


Shannon Zupke


esmewi photography



and now the "Freedom" Images! 

#1 Magen Meera Photography


 Mona Lisa Photography


Jennifer Reilly


Brandy Inkelaar


Captured Smiles Photography


Join us this next week for this week's theme "Jump".


~Jackie Jean

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