October 06, 2014


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Weekly Top Ten - Up Close & Personal!

As usual, you all bring such beautiful images to the table. The first set of ten is the weekly favorites and the next set (also, in no particular order) is this last week's "Up Close and Personal". Congrats to Sara and Jennifer for the #1 spot for the themes (make sure to msg me your email so you can get your $5 Starbucks card. 
This next week's theme is..........SMILE
you can either post in the group or on my fb wall. 


#1-Sara Masters-Blacksten


JvSchultz Photography


Audrey Spear Photography


Kari Wieringa


Reflections by Renate



Amanda L Smith Photography



Ashley Wilson Photography


Shayne Scherff Casto


Bree Friesen


Nicole Mathison Photography







#1  Jennifer Trego Photography


CoCoBella Photography


Audrey Spear Photography


Kai C B Worm


Bree Friesen

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