Weekly Top Ten - Self Portrait

So, this last week's theme was "Self Portrait". With each theme, I try to shoot along with you to stretch myself as well and I can tell you that this one was VERY challenging! Here's one of a few attempts with using the self-timer and placing my camera on a couple solid books. I did have my son sit where I would be sitting to figure out where I needed to place the focus and I did't shoot totally wide open to make sure to get everyone in focus. ( I knew they wouldn't stay on the same plane cause well, they are boys and sitting still for a self portrait wasn't going to happen.) 

So on to the top ten! It was incredibly hard to choose as there were so many wonderful shots and it was awesome to see a face with the name. All of you are beautiful and I thank you so much for stretching yourselves and getting on on the other side of the camera.


The theme for this week is: "Spring"


#1 - Jennifer Trego Photography

Ally D Photography



Bree Friesen


Audrey Spear Photography



Moments Captured by Cyndi Greenwalt

Kali Anderson Photography

Elizabeth Robinette


Laurie McNealy Shields

Meagan Wood Guerrero




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