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Ok, so this post is a day late because it was that hard to choose! This was the toughest week as the images that were submitted were all simply amazing. I will try and comment on all the pictures this week, I mean really, they were that beautiful.

I narrowed down by creativity, processing, composition, and emotion. 

Congrats, Adrianna on the #1 spot this week. This image is not only technically beautiful, it is simple yet strong, and conveys a story and emotion altogether. Well done!

There will be no top ten next week but I will have something special posted and the theme for the next two weeks is as follows: 

You can submit up to three images over the next two weeks and choose from these two themes : Water , Wind 

#1 - Adrianna Rasor

Charming Imaging Photography

Katie Buck Photography

Crystal Cofie Photography

Tracie Lawson Photography

Danielle Hunter Photography

Elizabeth Mandato Youngs

Alekandra "A2P" Alexandre Photography

Shayre Fitzgerald Rivotto

Savannah Lutrell Photography


 and because we just celebrated the Fourth of July, here are a couple more: 

Heidi Heaphy Photography

Shayne Marie Photography

Join the Luscious Light Webinar tomorrow evening! 

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