Weekly Top Ten - SOOC

You all are flippin' amazing! Here is the top ten SOOC (Straight-out-of-camera) images from last week. These images are beautiful and untouched as far as processing. 

My challenge to the winners is to post your EDITED version of your image in the pinned thread (in group) so I can post your before and after in this blog sometime this week. I love seeing before and afters and I know a large number of you do as well. 

This week's theme is: BLUE 

If you want to join this fabulous group, just send me a PM on facebook to receive the link to join. Kati, please be sure to msg me to receive your Starbucks e-card. 


#1 - Kati Leigh Photography

Crystal Cofie Photography

Megan Hodge Photography

Angel Murphy Photography

Bree Friesen Photography

Lisa J Photography

Hartwell Photography

Krista Gatz Photography

PHlair PHotography

Adrianna Rasor

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