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52 Week Photo Challenge - From Above Perspective

Last week's 52 Week Photo Challenge was to take a picture From Above. I did give the option to share a Current Fave as well. So, the first handful of images below will be from the perspective challenge. 
The portrait above is by  Resonate Weddings Photo & Film , fabulous capture!

Be sure to check out the current theme below and you still have to join in on the 52 Week Challenge. If you don’t follow these photographers yet, be sure to check out their links and give them a follow.


You can copy the badge below to share as well.

Sharlene Jury
Lizl Smook Photography

Here are some Current Favorites . . .

Taylor Janelle
Cait Adickes Photography
Pigeon Toad Photography
Scott Spakowski

This week's theme is Lens Flare

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