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52 Week Photo Challenge - Taken by Phone

The theme for last week's 52 Week Photo Challenge was to share an image that was taken with the phone. The submissions were SO good as always and there were just so many!
The amazing capture above is by Olesja Jasina! Congrats to this week's top picks and thank you to everyone who submitted a photo, they were all fantastic.


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 Be sure to check out the current theme below and you still have to join in on the 52 Week Challenge. If you don’t follow these photographers yet, be sure to check out their links and give them a follow.
Ashley Washock
Leslie Province
Shannon D Moody
Samantha Ford
Magical Emotions Photography
Kristina G. Esselman
Reynada Head
CP Photography 
Amy P Ballard
Creative Editing in Lightroom

This week's theme is Reflection or to share a Current Fave

And sharing a few more from last week's theme: 
April Savala
Ashley P Booth
Zandra Ahlqvist
Christie Larson
Maria C Elqutub
Lizl Smook
Emilee Henry
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