Weekly Top Ten - Leading Lines

Your jaw might just drop as you scroll through some of these images. I know mine did! A lot of variety with Leading Lines this week and it was insanely hard to choose the top ten . . . that process seems to always take a good couple hours. I am looking into having some guest judges come in as well for some future weeks to change things up.

You all are amazeballs and I am excited to see the images for this next week's theme: LAUGHTER 

Amber & Crystal, you both tied up this week! I seriously couldn't even choose, so you both msg me and I will have your gift card sent for some starbucks. 

Amber Corryn Photography

Crystal Cofie Photography


Adrianna Rasor

Lizzy Loo Photography

Erin Stark Photography

Grand Vision Photography

Herlina Pienaar

Janel Henninger

Lisa J Photography

Impressionable Moments Photography

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