Weekly Top Ten - Thankful

This last week's theme was THANKFUL and I asked a couple sentences be shared along with the image. A huge thank you to everyone who posted and for opening up and sharing your stories. These images are not only powerful, but the stories behind them as well. 

This week's theme is "share your weekly favorite".


Bree Friesen Photography

"I'm thankful for the chance to decompress and have a no pressure shoot with the little people who are the reason I learned photography in the first place."

Capturing Joy Photography

"I'm thankful for this little person who has my heart, she makes me a better momma, reminds me what childhood is supposed to be and lifts my heart everyday."


Lisa Velez

"This is my place I go to reflect and escape all the busyness of life. I am thankful to have this place that brings me peace."


Betsy Davis Photography

"This is my Dad saying goodbye to his "Pop" after his passing this weekend. He was one of the greatest men I've ever known, and a hero in so many ways. We were so thankful to call you ours, Poppo"


Ally D Photography

"I always get really excited when clients ask if they can bring their mother, father, or grandparents along to their holiday sessions. In fact I even encourage it. What I would give to have a photo like this of my own children with my grandmother. l know these photos will be cherished for a lifetime." 


Rita K. Wilder Photography

"I'm so thankful for my child, for this little angel that has changed my whole life for good. I have never felt such strong love for someone. Thankful for being a mom. He is the best thing that has ever happened to our family."

Mountain Inspired Photography

Words can never express how very thankful I am to have my little man in my life. My husband unexpectedly passed away 7 months ago and without my son and our little adventures to the mountains, I don't think I would ever be able to get through this. He makes me smile and understands that my photography is helping me heal my very broken heart. 

Heather Spore Nelson

"These are my people. I am thankful for a family in which we have built a expectation of laughter. In the midst of lots of pain this year laughter has been a healing salve" 


Crystal Cofie Photography

"I'm thankful for these two humans, that have left a legacy, and heritage of love, words just don't do justice. 

These are my mom's parents. My grandparents. I'm thankful."


Performer Photography

"I am so incredibly thankful to be married to my best friend, who is also a wonderful father to our daughter. We love going to our neighbors farm every weekend to catch the sunset at least one of the nights. This night, we caught a beautiful sunset and got to see a small airplane letting sky divers out. Catching this moment was so special for us. These two are my world."


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