Weekly Top Ten - Reflection

I scrolled through the images this morning as I sipped on my coffee and I had to pause so many times to take in the amazing work that was posted. I love how we all see things differently and how it reflects in weekly themes. So many different takes on a single word. 

The weekly top ten has become a favorite thing of mine because I am inspired by the images and the words that are shared in the group. Be sure to take a moment to check out the links to check out more work from these photographers. 

It took awhile this morning to narrow them down, so congrats to those who made top ten this week! This next week's theme is open to your WEEKLY FAVORITE since it is Christmas week. Also share your favorite instagram images holiday themed to #jjeaninstatheme to be featured as well on the blog.

Have an absolutely wonderful week everyone!


Monika's creative creations

Monica's Creative Creations Weekly Top 10

Ailshie photography

Ailishie Photography Weekly Top Ten

Lisa J Photography

Lisa J Photography Weekly Top Ten

Melissa Butler Photography

Melissa Butler Photography Weekly Top Ten

Kelly Pacic

Kelly Pacic Weekly Top Ten

Annmarie Sellers

Annmarie Sellers Weekly Top Ten

Lizzy Loo Photography

Lizzy Loo Photography Weekly Top Ten

Three Ponies Photography

Three Ponies Photography Weekly Top Ten

Susan McClain Hardy

Susan McClain Hardy Weekly Top Ten 

Chrissy Slack

Chrissy Slack Weekly Top Ten

Thank you again to everyone who shared this past week, they were all truly amazing. 

I wanted to share one of my favorite shots with a reflection in it too. This naturally didn't have a reflection in it, so I added it in post to give it a little more magic because I loved how she was dancing and the movement of the dress. I am offering a limited time special to my readers for the Create Workshop, just apply the code creative20 when checking out and save in addition to the current sale. 

Learn how to make reflections in photoshop

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