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Weekly Top Ten - Current Favorite

I have to say the following top ten images might just cause your jaw to drop the floor. I narrowed down the top ten to a variety of styles which is one reason why I love to do the occasional "weekly favorites" theme. It is fun to see what everyone is currently working on. I also love that these top ten weekly themes give a challenge to stretch ourselves creatively. This week's theme will be broken into two parts so you can post two for one theme or one for each. 

Backlit and Shadows

Little Darlings Photography

weekly top ten

Mountain Inspired Photography

jackie jean top ten

Crystal Cofie Photography

photoshop actions

Mg Photography

jackie jeans create workshop

Angie Moate Knarr

jackie jeans photoshop overlays

The Vintage Wheel - Photography

photoshop tutorials

Betsy Davis Photography

photoshop overlays

Shayne Marie Photography

photoshop tips

lightroom tutorials


ShopJeanPhotography's Weekly Top Ten


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Shayne Marie’s work – hauntingly beautiful!

Gerri Harris

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